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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Charity Spotlight - Scotlands Charity Air Ambulance

This year a team took on our Ben Nevis Charity Challenge in aid of Scotlands Charity Air Ambulance. The team raised a massive £8000 for the charity. 

With a slogan of  "You might need our help tomorrow but we need your help today" here is a further into what fundraising means SCAA

People do the craziest things to raise funds...

People do the craziest things to raise funds. And for Scotland’sCharity Air Ambulance (SCAA) they are willing to fly round the world, cycle the length of the country, abseil off Scotland’s most iconic structures, run till they drop and bake the tastiest cakes imaginable.

Fundraisers have been backing one of Scotland’s newest charities in their droves when they learn of the vital life-saving work being carried out by the country’s only charity-funded helicopter air ambulance.

Flying from our base at Perth Airport, SCAA can reach 90 per cent of the population of Scotland in less than 35 minutes. Crewed by an experienced pilot and two highly-trained paramedics, our helicopter flies expert care quickly to the scene of any emergency and can then transfer the patient rapidly to the most appropriate hospital for further treatment.

Why we fly...

We fly help and hope into the heart of every community in Scotland and fundraisers realise that the next mission could be to their neighbourhood, their colleagues, their friends, their family - or them.

This sort of time-critical response comes at a price and that’s where the public’s support comes in. Charity donations are the only fuel we fly on and, with around £1.5 million required every year to keep our vital service in the air, every weird and wonderful fundraising venture proves a lifeline for us.

People across Scotland who learn of our work - or whose lives have been touched directly or indirectly by what we do - recognise the value of an additional air resource to the frontline emergency response network. And because we’re there for you - you’re there for us.

Thanks to our fabulous fundraisers devising ever-more diverse and innovative ways to raise cash, SCAA has been able to provide a non-stop service to the public since it launched in May 2013.

Ten hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, our distinctive yellow, green and blue helicopter deploys to emergencies ranging from road traffic collisions, sporting accidents, heart attacks and strokes to industrial, agricultural and equestrian accidents.

In August alone, we responded to 41 emergency callouts, taking our life-saving team all across Scotland - where and when we’re most needed. And while we’re employed at the sharp end, our fundraisers are working tirelessly to fund each and every mission.

Taking part in a challenge...

Taking part in organised personal challenges has become a great favourite for many of you. And being part of a large supervised event is often more fun for those taking part than a solo effort.

Tackling the highest peaks or running the toughest marathons are just two examples of how you’ve thrown yourselves in to major participation challenge events for SCAA. And it seems these physical challenges are not just rewarding in financial support terms for us, but also hugely rewarding in personal achievement terms for you.

Others prefer to face their fundraising challenge alone or as part of a small group.
And the two-year-old who takes part in a charity toddle is every bit as valuable to us as the  adventurers who go to the ends of the earth - you’re all heroes, fundraising heroes!

So, why not set yourself a fundraising challenge for SCAA and help save a life.

Ben Nevis Charity Challenge 2016...

SCAA are currently looking for people to take part in Dream Challenges Ben Nevis Charity Challenge taking place in June 2016. 

The Ben Nevis Charity Challenge is an exciting team challenge set in the stunning Scottish Highlands. Teams of four are challenged to climb Ben Nevis, cycle 25 miles (on road) and canoe Loch Lochy.
For all the photos and action from this year why not check our our Facebook page or check out the #BeenThereDoneNevis on twitter. 
To register for the event please visit our website or call us on 01590 646 410. 
Feel Inspired? To find out more about Dream Challenges events please visit the website or contact us directly: 

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