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Friday, 23 October 2015

That’s quite High…

In March 2017 we are hiking the Himalayas in beautiful Nepal. Why some might say would you go to Nepal after it has been devastated by the earth quake in April 2015? Our answer would be that Nepal has been rebuilding the areas affected, visiting Nepal brings in an income stream and helps support the local businesses, and the largest reason is because Nepal is a country with beautiful sights and a spiritual feel that we want our challengers to experience. 

We have an expert team of ground handlers who have been updating us since the earthquake, and the areas we are visiting have not been directly affected by the earthquake. Our team in Nepal cant wait to welcome us back. 

Therefore this week to highlight how amazing the trek will be the following is an extract taken from Ruth Borehams blog ‘That’s Quite High’ which illustrates part of her experience of Dream Challenges Lets Trek for Children Himalayas 2014.
The event saw Ruth complete eight days trekking in Nepal. The adventure took place in the stunning Annapurna region, home to the 8,091m Annapurna I, Dhaulagiri (8,167m) and Machhapuchchhre (6,993m) pure Himalayan magic! The highlight of the challenge was to reach summit Poon Hill (3,210m).

On top of the world…

The alarm went off at 4.15am.  It took me a while to get my clothes on and get ready but by 4.45 I was downstairs, ready to go.  Ready for the trip up to Poon Hill– Sam made sure I got up to the top in time for sunrise. That was the goal – that is what the whole trip had been about.  Getting to the top of Poon Hill to see sunrise over the Annapurna range.  That is why we were setting off so early.
The walk up to the top of Poon Hill from our lodge took me about an hour and a half.  It was a very popular thing to do – lots of people from all over Ghorepani village heading up, head torches on to light the way.  A few of us struggling a little with the atmosphere – at this height (Poon Hill is 3,210m) the oxygen is a little thinner.  And of course I struggled with the actual climbing of the hill!  Lots of little stops along the way, Sam being great and taking my bag for me and distracting me with chat.  And then at one of the little stops I turned off my head torch and just looked up.  This was about 5.15am and the stars were absolutely incredible.  Given how little light there was around, I could see so many more stars than I normally would.  It was absolutely breathtaking.  I have a real thing for looking at stars, and this did not disappoint.  I could have spent a long time just standing looking up – and indeed, when I go back (for I have to climb Poon Hill again!) I think I will leave even earlier so I can spend longer just star gazing.
But the top was beckoning so onwards we went.  And eventually got there and met up with the others as they were either there before me or coming along after.
Here I am at the top of Poon Hill, waiting for the sun with two of the fantastic porters, Jangbu and Sona, and Ash, one of the trekkers.

And was it worth it?  Absolutely without a doubt, the most magical thing I have done.  It was crowded at the top, lots of people waiting there to watch the mountains emerge from the darkness, but as soon as the sky started to brighten I forgot them all and was just swept up with the magic of it all.  It wasn’t a clear sky – there were plenty of clouds getting in the way of the mountains – but it was still absolutely incredible.  Actually, it was quite emotional.  And the photos I took don’t do it justice at all, but here is a little hint of what it was like. 

Words really can’t describe it – it was definitely a case of you had to be there!  And just to prove I was really at the top, here are a couple of photos of me at the top!
I could have spent hours at the top there, just looking at it all, but we didn’t have hours.  Time enough to see the mountains emerge, the sun take her place in the sky, and of course lots of photos including a lovely group one...

I did it! And yes, I would love to do it all again!

I trekked in the Himalayas, reaching Poon Hill (3210m) to see sunrise over the Annapurna Mountains.  One of the most beautiful views I have ever seen.  But also the hardest physical challenge I have ever done.  Not quite as prepared as I should have been.  But I still did it, thanks to the fantastic people I was with and also the thought of fundraising for such amazing charities.
Ruth decided to support two children’s charities close to her heart, paying for the trip herself, all money raised went directly to:
  Children of Songea improving life for children in Tanzani
 CHILDREN 1st improving life for children in Scotland.  Specifically fundraising for the Befriending service, Ruth has been a befriender for over 3 years.

If you want to join us in March 2017 then check out all the information on our website
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