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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Meet the Team...

Here is round two of our two minute interview with the people behind the scenes that make all our challenges happen. 

Meet Haylie from the Dream Team...

Hi I’m Haylie and I have been working for Dream Challenges for ‘almost’ 2½ years.  I love my job as Challenge Event Organiser as it’s great to organise treks and cycles to exotic destinations, and get to go on a couple myself

What did you do before joining the team?    

I started my career straight from school into the travel industry, working for South African Airways (I’m born South African).  I followed on from SAA to working in both corporate & leisure travel agencies in South Africa.  In 2000 I left my home country to try out different ‘shores’ and landed in Dublin, Ireland for 3 years.  I moved to England and worked for various companies but always wanted to get back into travel.  Hence finding this job, and taking such enjoyment from it! 

What dream challenges have you been lucky to experience? 

I’ve been on the Britain V Cancer Trek Nepal event, and imminently due to go on Trek Borneo.  It’s so exciting and I can’t wait to do more events with DC!  I’ve also done most of the UK events. My favourite, and I’m definitely not being biased, is our own DC Ben Nevis event.  It’s a fabulous event, in a fabulous location!  

Tell us any of your funny or favourite moments?

Times spent in the office getting ready for a challenge, its usually VERY hectic but also very rewarding when it all comes together!

If you could create your very own Dream Challenge what would it be? 

Any desert trek – the Sahara or Namib as they are close to my roots.  The desert is a magnificent place to be with its vastness and power!

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